Current Serval Litters for Sale

Ken's Exotics offers Serval kittens, adult Serval breeders as well as a large number of other hard to find exotic animals, both bottle raised and parent raised Servals and animals.  This website is here to help people looking for Serval kittens connect to Ken's Exotics to purchase their new kitten.

Please make sure that you are set up for a Serval before buying. I recommend having a cat room with a medium sized dog door mounted in a window or wall to allow your Serval to go back and forth from his cat room and an attached dog kennel. This is one of the most important things that I can stress if you want to ensure that your Serval will be happy, you will be happy and you house will be happy. A cat room helps you keep your Serval out of trouble when you are not home, the kennel helps your cat burn off his energy.

I'll add some more Serval kitten care info as times goes on. For now, I just wanted to get the basics posted on this website. More extensive Serval care is posted on our other website at under our care sheet link. Call us to order your Serval kitten.

Serval Price: $4000 each. Shipping is $250. References available upon request. Pick up in IL can be arranged. 50% deposit due to hold any Serval (this ensures I do not get left holding a kitten for someone that changes their mind... and yes it happens). NEW LITTER BORN 12-6-11- SOLD OUT

No Longer offering animals, sorry folks.


Serval kitten for Sale
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