Welcome to Ken's Exotics Serval Site

Ken's Exotics offers high quality, bottle raised Serval Kittens for sale. Please feel free to contact us directly, or visit our other website at www.kensexotics.com for more info on Servals as well as other animals we sell.

Serval kittens are available year round, with Serval litters born every 2-3 months. Put your deposit down on your new Serval kitten today!
Ken's Exotics is USDA licensed.

I am no longer offering animals - sorry, just no have my heart in it.


Serval for Sale


Ken's Exotics offers Serval kittens year round. Put a deposit down on your bottle raised Serval kitten as early as possible since Serval litters go fast once they are born. Referrences available.




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