Serval Kitten Picture Gallery

Pictured here, is one of my previous Serval Kittens. This photo shows a typical 8 week old Serval kitten. Most of the time, I will ship Servals at ages 9 to 10 weeks to ensure they are doing as good as possible on solid foods. 

Serval kitten held in hand

Here is a headshot of what a 8week old Serval Kitten looks like.

Serval kitten

This is one of my wild caught Servals from Africa. Prices for wild caught breeders are much higher than domestic bred animals due to the expense of importing. 


Serval breeder

This little Serval kitten stopped in the  middle of play time to see what I was doing with the camera. Note the strong markings and clear eyes. 

serval kitten playing
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